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Bormann Services

 Ernest Bormann



(Ideal for Students of Communication Studies)
Please take advantage of the Forum which I will monitor to ask questions and exchange/debate your ideas.


Communication Skills

(Individual or Business seeking to improve personal or staff skills)
Consulting in how to create a common consciousness in a community (consciousness creating),
Consulting in how to change the consciousness of a community to another consciousness (consciousness raising),
Consulting in how to sustain the consciousness of a community (consciousness sustaining),
as well as many other applications.


Group Management Skills

(For the Business Manager seeking resolve problems or achieve advanced communication skills)
Managing a healthy group dynamic is essential for success.
Resolving organizational malfunctions such as misunderstandings, confusion, anger, and frustration.
Creating cohesive and effective work groups and group meetings. Leading focus groups and interpreting symbolic conversion or lack of it in the target audience.

Presentation Skills
Coaching in public speaking.

Legal case building and jury selection.
See also Communication Skills.