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The Force of Fantasy: Restoring the American Dream

by Ernest G. Bormann; Paperback

In this book, first published in 1985, Ernest G. Bormann explores mass persuasion in America from 1620 to 1860, examining closely four rhetorical communities: the revivals of 1739-1740, the hot gospel of the postrevolutionary period, the evangelical revival and reform of the 1830s, and the Free Soil and Republican parties. Each community varies greatly, but Bormann asserts that each succeeding community shares a rhetorical vision of restoring the "American Dream" that is essentially a modification of the previous visions. Thus, they form a family of rhetorical visions that constitutes a rhetorical tradition of importance in nineteenth-century American popular culture.

2. Small Group Communication: Theory and Practice
by Ernest G. Bormann
3. Effective Small Group Communication
by Ernest G. Bormann
4. Communication Theory
by Ernest G. Bormann
5. Speech communication : a comprehensive approach
by Ernest G. Bormann
6. Speech communication: an interpersonal approach
by Ernest G. Bormann
7. Speech Communication: A Basic Approach
by Ernest G. Bormann, Nancy C. Bormann
8. Interpersonal Communication in the Modern Organization
by Ernest G. Bormann
9. Effective Committees and Groups in the Church
by Ernest G. Bormann
10. The Process of Presentational Speaking (2nd Edition)
by Ernest G. Bormann
11. Forerunners of Black power; the rhetoric of abolition
by Ernest G. Bormann
12. Homesteading in the South Dakota Badlands: 1912 "The Last Best West"
by Ernest G Bormann Snr.